Kenwood TK-2360/TK-3360

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Kenwood TK-2360/TK-3360

Compact VHF/UHF FM Portable Radios

The all new 360 Series ultra sub-compact portable radio platform with expanded features and user operation sets a new "best in class" standard for portable two-way radios. With a smaller, lighter design and new features such as increased operating bandwidth, 5 Watts UHF & VHF output power, and MDC-1200, the TK-2360/3360 VHF/UHF analog portable radios are the perfect next generation solution for installed base of enterprise and industrial applications.

Kenwood TK-2360/TK-3360 Features

  • 5 Watts TX Power (136-174 MHz)
  • 5 Watts TX Power (450-520, 400-470)
  • 16 Conventional Channels
  • Single Priority / Normal Scan
  • Orange Emergency / AUX Key
  • 500 mW Audio Power
  • Companded Audio (per Channel)
  • VOX Ready
  • Emergency Call Features
  • QT / DQT
  • Two-Tone Decode
  • Single / Two-Tone Encode
  • DTMF Encode / Decode
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F
  • IP-54/55
  • 4 color LED (Red/Green/Orange/Blue)
  • 3 Programmable Function Keys
  • Voice Channel # Announcement
  • FleetSync®
  • MDC-1200

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